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Shoutouts Archive (7th April 2024)

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7th April 2024

Ric 23:45

The ground looks snowy. Maybe just infrared?

Helen 22:46

Lovely to watch that video, Dan. Thanks for sharing it.

Dan 20:31

She's still in shot here on the far right of the picture. Staffa, the other ewe, has moved on now having realised they aernt hers, the twins have both had milk from their mother so all should be well. I think at least one ewe lamb.

Milly 20:25

Its a bit dark now

Milly 20:06

Ah ok

Dan 20:06

she;s heading back over now

Dan 20:05

she was thinking the lamb was hers

Dan 20:05

The other sheep is due immintently too as was being a typical "auntie"

Milly 20:02

2 now

Milly 20:00

A little black lamb!

Ric 19:33

What was the other sheep attempting to do, Dan?

Dan 19:20

Special event... two ewes giving birth live on webcam right now.

Helen 12:52

Hello all. I hope you are all OK - I hear you are getting a bad storm. It left here on Friday. Stay safe.

Neil 10:56

Good Morning Folk, Goping you haven't been affected by the wrath of Storm Kathleen, & that you All enjoy a Safe & Happy Day.....

Cindy 08:46


Milly 07:55

Morning all

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