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Shoutouts Archive (13th November 2023)

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13th November 2023

Ric 21:19

Yes, it is. It almost sounds like someone breathing into the mic at times.

Helen 20:45

Hi, Ric, you are right - the temperature is too high for snow. I know the ground always looks white at night but it was the ferocity of the raindrops that made me think of sleet or snow. But the wind is blowing at about 40mph.

Ric 20:08

I think it's just rain and the infra-red camera makes it look like snow on the ground..

Helen 17:29

Thanks Dan. That looks like snow?

Dan 16:04

Definitely a big coat day!

Helen 13:09

Oh, I see you all now - I re-loaded the site. But no pic.

Helen 13:07

Am I the only one able to post this morning?

Milly 12:48

Can't stand up in it !

Milly 12:48

We have Amber warning of wind and rain

Helen 11:15

Good morning all. We were awakened at 5.35 by the fire alarm. Camera down, it seems, as the clock shows midnight.

Neil 10:05

Good Morning Folk, hoping you all stay safe & well, especially with another storm in prospect....

Ric 09:24


Cindy 08:44


Milly 07:56

Morning Helen and all ,Its a very wet day !

Helen 00:09

Camera still off.

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