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Shoutouts Archive (28th July 2023)

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28th July 2023

Helen 17:47

Everything looks so lush and green there - and here, too, where we've had a lot of rain. Not so in Europe or in the southern USA.

Milly 14:12

Oops,that was cut short..

Milly 14:06

Thank you everyone, for your good wishes,,I do feel very handicapped, and worst of all ,i cant drive f

Neil 11:19

Meanwhile, it's lovely to hear the Wood Pigeon & Magpie at close quarters to the microphone, Hoping you All enjoy a safe & happy day, otherwise,

Neil 11:17

Good Morning Folk, I'm very sorry to hear of your injury Milly, & do wish oyu a speedy recovery & not too much pain & discomfort meanwhile....

Helen 11:17

Oh, Milly, how awful. I am so sorry. Be well and be careful.

Ric 11:17

Morning all. Rest up and heal, Milly.

Cindy 08:46

Hello - so sorry to hear about your broken arm Milly and hope you are not in too much pain

Debbie 08:28

Good morning

Milly 06:16

Morning all. I'm struggling to type,at the moment, with a broken arm.

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