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Shoutouts Archive (25th January 2022)

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25th January 2022

Milly 23:37

Can't weigh our weather up.it says snow the end of January, now our temps are going up !!

Helen 23:17

Minus 21 here tonight. Those who can are staying home.

Neil 17:39

Slange Var to Rabbie Burns!

Helen 17:15

We didn't remember Robbie Burns yet, today, so here's to you, my dears.

Helen 15:23

The sound seems to be intermittent. Might be our internet here. I just heard a crow, but I don't hear the smaller birds this morning. Your birds always give me hope that spring will come.

Helen 13:37

It's a bright and sunny day here, but a lot more snow fell last night. It's nice to see the green at the farm.

Neil 12:38

Many thanks Milly, I had a feeling it was fog, but wasn't sure, I can see it more dense on r/w now!

Milly 11:23

It was fog,this morning.

Neil 10:50

Good Morning All, on a still but probably rather misty day..or is it the cam that's misty ... we can't thank any licking sheep today, never mind, enjoy your day, Sorry, Helen, I was too tired to discuss any more last night...

Ric 10:02


Cindy 09:12


Milly 08:51

Morning all.

Debbie 08:32

Good morning

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