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Shoutouts Archive (24th January 2022)

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24th January 2022

Helen 22:22

I just read that they have removed 17,000 tonnes of snow from Toronto streets in the past week. Not sure how much a 'tonne' is, in comparison to a ton in imperial weights.

Neil 21:07

Weather or not! lol! Sweet Dreamsd when oyu reach that time, I'm retiring now...

Helen 21:06

Oh, Neil, it can travel faster than that, with the Gulf Stream and a good wind. It goes from here to Newfoundland and on to Ireland and the UK sometimes in 48 hours. I try not to send it, but I'm really not in charge.

Neil 20:26

Many thanks Ric for your update, I do hope oyu & Everyone are able to stay safe, well, warm & comfortable. Thinking of You. It has been known for any snowy conditions in New York & the East to reach the U.K. in about 3 weeks... but as the months progress it will probably be too warm for it to last for long...hopefully!

Ric 20:20

Below 0 C in North Central Florida today and far below that next weekend! Plants will not be happy if they survive at all.

Neil 20:18

I don't think there is much to talk about our U.K. Weather at the moment compared with your Canadian snowstorms, I'm sure we all ready your reports with interest & hope you are able to stay safe & warm.

Helen 16:31

Well, since my posts seem to be about Canadian weather these days, I can just tell you that it is snowing today, big, fat flakes, but I am not far from Lake Ontario, so this may be "lake effect" snow. And it's cold, -7 and feeling much colder. Winter.

Helen 10:55

Good morning all. It's lovely to hear the birds. They are not singing in Toronto.

Neil 10:48

Good Morning Folk, All is Calm, all is silent, apart from a few birds.... Enjoy your day....

Ric 09:35

Morning all.

Cindy 09:16


Debbie 08:31

Good morning

Milly 07:59

Morning all.

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