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Shoutouts Archive (13th January 2022)

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13th January 2022

Helen 17:00

I used a Youtube setting.

Helen 17:00

OK, I did get in and get a picture of the field but I can't get chat and the picture together.

Helen 16:55

Thank you for telling me - I have a message on the screen which reads "This live event is no longer available." Must do a little checking about internet here.

Milly 14:42

We have cam Helen.

Helen 13:23

OK, camera is down but chat is up. I've had trouble at my end.

Helen 11:53

Something seems a bit peculiar here with the live chat. It's now Thursday. I will try reloading.

Neil 10:41

Good Morning Everyone, a little blue sky being hidden mainly by cloud, but dry, nevertheless, Enjoy your day......

Ric 10:07

Morning all!

Cindy 09:12


Milly 07:37

Morning all.

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