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Shoutouts Archive (8th January 2022)

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8th January 2022

Milly 23:03

Sorry Neil.

Milly 23:02

I hope not ,Niel.

Neil 16:21

Colourful Pink, Purple & White sky at the moment ... more snow on it's way , I wonder?

Neil 15:58

I noticed the remaining lying snow was being washed away by rain earlier, I hope oyu're slowly settling in Helen, can you pls mssge me privately as best as oyu can your new address when ready, thanks Neil

Helen 15:14

Wet day? It's very cold here. But there might be high winds coming in your direction this weekend. Here it is -10c but calm and sunny, and no snow that I can see.

Neil 10:50

Good morning on this wet day, Hoping you all stay safe, well & warm...

Ric 10:00


Cindy 09:18


Helen 08:32

Good morning, all. Enjoy your Saturday and stay well.

Milly 07:57

Morning all.

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