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Shoutouts Archive (19th December 2021)

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19th December 2021

Ric 21:41

Hi talia

talia 21:41

hi lamb fam

Helen 15:58

Sheep are up close this afternoon.

Helen 15:55

I just looked back - the moon was brilliant at 6.22.

Helen 13:40

Thanks, Milly. I didn't actually stay to see the moon itself, but the light was simply amazing. I could hardly believe it.

Neil 12:57

Happy Pre-Christmas Week Folk, If anyone interested & able to receive BBC! today at 4.45p.m., is Countryfile, featuring at some point Uppingham Fatstock Christmas Market held earlier this month, & apparently the last Market of it's kind in the Town Centre. The Countryfile programme is an hour long & covers various topics, of which Uppingham will be one of them. It is presented by Adam Henson whose late Father I believe set up the Rare Breeds Society. If you're not able to receive on TV but have access to BBC i-player on-line you may be able to watch it there after the programme has been broadcast on TV.

Milly 12:27

Or nights, i should say.

Milly 12:27

It was the moon Helen, its been very bright this last few day's!

Ric 11:28

Morning all!

Cindy 08:50


Milly 07:05


Milly 07:03

Morning all. Forecast snow here for Christmas too

Helen 05:19

Either that, or the Christmas star got here early??

Helen 05:17

That must be moonlight I am seeing. It's too early for dawn. Quite impressive. Scroll back when you look later.' It's only 5.17

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