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Shoutouts Archive (3rd December 2021)

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3rd December 2021

Helen 16:19

Oh, I do - I loved Meep the Sheep. Apparently she wasn't of a pleasant disposition, but she watched her frisky lambs all night while they played around her. I also met Ranvir when I visited. Those sheep had personalities!

Milly 15:56

Do you remember Meep,Helen,the lone sheep,she always lay under the big tree !

Helen 11:26

Thank you, Milly, for remembering Herr Earwig.

Helen 11:25

Good morning all, and does the camera have a bit of a tilt to it? Things seem to be sliding downhill, but that might be me.

Neil 10:22

Good Morning Everyone, Wishing You All a Good Day....

Ric 08:58


Cindy 08:49


Debbie 08:36

Good morning

Milly 06:36

Morning Helen and all.

Milly 06:35

I remember him .

Helen 02:11

Probably only Dan remembers Herr Earwig. He used to crawl up and down the lens at night, entertaining us, and even had a friend for a while. Otherwise, a lonely earwig. That's a long time ago.

Helen 01:04

A big raindrop, like a loop, is dripping over the upper left corner of the screen. If it weren't December I would be tempted to think that Herr Earwig had returned.

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