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Shoutouts Archive (29th November 2021)

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29th November 2021

Helen 20:22

Thanks, Dan. I thought you might be helping them along. Frozen grass is probably not that tasty. Not as good as yummy hay.

Neil 18:32

Thanks Dan for the update, Hoping You are all staying safe & warm.

Dan 17:51

The sheep have been enjoying lots of hay this past few days to help them through. A day or so of mild weather coming up

Dan 17:50

Good evening everyone 🙂

Neil 16:13

Yes, Helen, as you say, it certainly looks as there is more snow falling but at least 2 hardy sheep don't appear to be minding about it...Snow hasn't reached our ground level yet but it looks as though it could be up above! Stay safe & warm Everyone & Every Sheep, hopefully!

Helen 14:51

It looks as if it might still be snowing. We have lovely sunshine here.

Neil 13:09

Good Afternoon Folk at a snow covered Marlfield & beyond...I hope you're staying safe & keeping warm....

Helen 12:38

Well, I hope you've all survived the first taste of winter. Stay safe and upright.

Ric 09:25


Cindy 08:48


Debbie 08:38

Good morning

Milly 07:15

Morning all.

Milly 07:14

This snow came fast,about 6 inches 5 hrs

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