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Shoutouts Archive (24th November 2021)

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24th November 2021

Helen 18:02

I'm always surprised, at noon time here to look in and see the whole world there in darkness. As the world turns!

Helen 16:06

Oh, it is so lovely to see them. they are much closer to the cam now.

Helen 14:57

Sheep came in from a different direction than I expected at 13.55, from the upper left.

Helen 14:48

Well, so they have, and rain, too.

Ric 14:08

Sheep have arrived!

Ric 13:53

Yes, I hear whistling and other herding utterances.

Ric 13:51

or maybe using it to herd.

Ric 13:50

Someone seems to be blowing there horn quite continuously. I wonder if they are trying to attract assistance?

Neil 12:26

Just pipped at the psot here by Helen, 1 correction to my script below, should have read the Uppingham FCS is apparently the last in the Country to have loose pens, not County,

Neil 12:24

Good Afternoon All, I'm a little late as I've been trying, alas unsuccessfully, to view the Uppingham Christmas Fatstock Show in Rutland, the 114th, & apparently the last in the County to be held with loose pens in the town square. Unfortunately, according to the local Radio, Rutland Sound, some of the webcam equipment set up failed y'day, was re-set, but obviously not fully, Never mind, enjoy your day of what's left of it... Thankfully, to Dan, we do at least have a working webcam here again, & looking forward to seeing the livestock again.

Helen 12:24

Hello, everyone. It looks like rain there but at least we can see it. I'm just having early morning coffee here.

Ric 10:21

Morning all

Cindy 08:46


Debbie 08:14

Good morning

Milly 06:51

Morning all.

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