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Shoutouts Archive (17th November 2021)

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17th November 2021

Helen 20:29

Someone just posted a paper on Facebook on the introduction of Sheep into Britain, probably before the Bronze age.a.

Helen 20:15

Thanks, Neil. It is a giant catastrophe. Farmers are now trying to save livestock and poultry, but it's very challenging.

Neil 18:28

Yes, Helen, as you say it is Very Sad, & My Thoughts are with all affected.

Helen 17:05

Thanks Neil - it is tragic for thos people in British Columbia, burnt out last July, hundreds dead with the heat, and now, with no vegetation left to hold back the water, catastrophic flooding.

Neil 14:33

Hi Helen & "B" & All west side of "The Pond"! I've just been seeing the floods on TV, I hope you All stay safe & comfortable....Thinking of You All...

Helen 13:57

Hello all. Wicked weather on this side of the Pond. I bet "B" has snow and high winds. Take care, everyone.

Neil 11:22

Good Morning Folk,...Enjoy Your Day....

Ric 09:57


Cindy 08:44


Milly 05:45

Morning all

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