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Shoutouts Archive (7th November 2021)

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7th November 2021

Helen 20:51

Lovely weather here right now, sunny and 15c. Would invite you all over to enjoy it but it will start to get dark soon.

Helen 20:45

Hi, "B"! I can't send you a picture of the circles Dan has set up so that the new wildflower seeds can grow and produce without being eaten. I saw photos of two, only, but but they look to be about 12 feet in diameter and fenced off, so the sheep will leave them alone for now and hopefully, they will spread.

"B" 17:33

Hello all, I am not a member of a Facebook Group but may be someone else is - we are all in different time Zones.

Neil 13:07

Good Afternoon Folk, I hope you're enjoying your Day...

Helen 12:13

Hello all. Welcome to standard time, all of you in the Americas. (Well, most of the North Americas)

Ric 09:54

Morning all!

Cindy 08:50


Milly 07:27

Morning all.

Hi I have seen Facebook Page.... Is anyone in the Facebook Group for Lamb Watch?

"B" 04:21

Lambwatch does have a Facebook page,

"B" 04:15

Have a brother in Edinbrough.

"B" 04:12

Hello Andrew, I am in Winnipeg, The camera is down at the prescent waiting for a part I belive.

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