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Shoutouts Archive (3rd November 2021)

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3rd November 2021

Helen 23:24

Oh, we can get absolutely beautiful sunshine in winter time. High pressure systems, snow on the ground and the bluest skies you can imagine, and very cold at the same time.

"B" 23:00

No snow yet Helen! The birds water was frozen this morning - very sunny. When I first came to Winnipeg I saw the sun; coming from England I expected it to be warm - it was January; surprise!!

Helen 17:43

Hello "B". Snow yet? It's chilly here but bright - lots of frost in the outlying areas but not in the city yet.

"B" 16:53

Hello Helen, I agree with your comment...

Helen 12:18

No worries, Dan - we know you're there, and have other things to do than just to keep us entertained.

Neil 12:09

Many thanks, Dan for the update & reassurance, Pls feel free to take your time, We know you're very busy with a Farm & Family to keep running, not just our pleasure with the cam....

Dan 11:01

Don't worry, the cam is not offline for good, just a wh few days while i can get my PC running properly again.

Dan 11:00

hi folks, sorry the cam is down for the moment. i hope to get it back online ASap

Helen 10:19

Camera or no camera, good morning.

Neil 10:15

Good Morning Folk, or perhaps not so good whilst the cam is still not working, Try & enjoy your day...

Debbie 08:25

Good morning

Cindy 08:15


Milly 06:16

Morning all.

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