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Shoutouts Archive (21st October 2021)

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21st October 2021

Helen 23:37

Guess it went down a while ago - I was on the message board, not on chat.

Helen 23:36

Oh, have we gone down? Maybe I need to reboot here - it was OK an hour ago.

Milly 17:12

Oh dear ,I'm so sorry Sue 's no longer with us,R.i.p.

Neil 14:12

Many thanks Helen, May Susan now rest in peace free of pain & discomfort., & knowing She is well missed but thought of on Lambcam. R.I.P..

Helen 13:29

CIndy and Neil, I knew she hadn't been well. I was in touch with her in the late summer, I think, and she had recently been in hospital.

Neil 12:47

Thank you Cindy for the Very Sad news revelation, May She now be resting in peace, perhaps in Lamb Thinking Heaven, Pls don't feel uncomfortable about having wished Her a Happy Birthday, you didn't know & sent your Wishes in Good Faith, as Others including myself followed. I am sure they will have been appreciated in the right quarters. We all sadly miss the loss of Susan, R.I.P..

Cindy 10:47

I have just found out the very sad news that Sue died in September - I feel awful that I put birthday greetings to her on LW Chat this week. Sue was such a good friend and has been on LW since it originated. I feel very sad at her loss.

Ric 10:37

Morning all!

Helen 10:18

Good morning, everyone. It looks like a lovely day, there.

Neil 10:16

Good Morning All, A late start for me today, but at least I can see the Sunshine...enjoy your day...

Cindy 08:45


Debbie 08:37

Good morning

Milly 07:22

Morning all, Cold this morning, and full bright moon.

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