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Shoutouts Archive (26th September 2021)

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26th September 2021

Helen 21:30

I knew it! I'm glad it's only four, but I hope that was a good venture for you (and them.) I saw a whole flock of Ryeland sheep while I was away, but they were never close enough for a photo when I had a device with me.

Neil 21:06

Thanks Dan for clarifying, We look forward to the Sheep that stayed at home. Hopefully the sale of the others was successful.

Dan 20:04

There are still many sheep at LambWatch HQ.

Dan 20:02

No the whole flock haven't gone to scotland. Just 4.

Helen 16:15

I did, Neil, thank you.

Neil 15:05

It's good to read you had a good gathering with your Family & Friends, Helen.

Helen 14:08

There will be "green" views soon, I know it. I think Dan gathered those which were being sold into this barn ahead of time to be able to move them easily and to check them over. I bet there are lots out there in the fields yet.

Helen 12:51

I cannot believe we're down to one, but hoping Dan will clarify for us. Anyway, have a good Sunday, everyone.

Ric 10:35


Milly 10:33

I looked back to September 23rd

Neil 10:22

Good Mooning Folk, From what I gathered from Dan's mssge a few days ago, only 1 sheep remained on the Farm while all the others were finding new home in Scotland, i may be wrong, & hopefully Dan will clarify when he can ... Enjoy your day as best as you can....

Cindy 08:46

Hello - how many sheep are still living at the farm and why are we looking at an empty barn?

Milly 06:20

Morning all.

Milly 06:20

I thi k 5 sheep went to Scotland Helen.

Helen 03:55

Sorry - ignore the second "of St. Jacobs" in that.

Helen 03:55

Yes, my German relatives all come from around the Kitchener area, and one of my ancestors was the "Jacob" in the town of St. Jacobs. As for the sheep, I think some went to Scotland. I suspect that some stayed, It just wasn't clear in the post. of St. Jacobs"."

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