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Shoutouts Archive (25th September 2021)

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25th September 2021

"B" 23:53

Yes all the names are "terribly English" in that area - then it's German a bit further over, by Kitchener

"B" 23:49

the sheep info is via Neil & Ric, one of them said it was from Dan...Sounds a bit like the wispering game we used to play ,were you finished with a different item than one started with!

Helen 22:06

Yes, "B", I was in southeastern Ontario, between Peterborough and Kingston. You can tell it was all settled by the English: Northumberland, Alnwick, Durham, Kendal, Trent, Severn, Warkworth, Hastings. One English name after another.

Helen 21:52

Surely not all of the sheep have gone. There were about a hundred here a few weeks ago. I think those going to Scotland were probably gathered into the barn to prepare for the trip, but not the whole flock. Well, I hope not.

"B" 20:10

Weare looking at the inside of the barn, mostly floor... All the sheep except one have gone to Scotland, I don`t know the reason or if they will return.

"B" 20:06

Hello Helen, h0peyouhad a good trip; sounds like you went to the southen Ontario countryside.n

Helen 19:44

What are we looking at on camera?

Helen 19:43

HI, folks. I'm back from "away". Saw lots of sheep, cattle, donkeys, wild turkeys, and a few horses. Very much farm country where I was staying. Lots of green space, too.

Ric 10:21

Morning all.

Neil 09:07

Good Morning Folk, Stay safe & enjoy your weekend...

Cindy 08:33


Milly 05:40

Morning all.

talia 03:11

Marv, I keep missing you! Are you there?

talia 03:11

hey lamb fam!

talia 03:11

hi, Marv!

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