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Shoutouts Archive (9th September 2021)

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9th September 2021

Neil 16:32

Many thanks Helen, Yes, as Gradon says, I'm not letting Melvyn's young age worry me. I'll just take it slowly for the rest of the day.

Helen 16:02

Thoughts and prayers to you, Neil. Thinking of you and Melvyn's family. It sounds like a peaceful passing. Take a few deep breaths and have a quiet rest of the day.

Neil 13:25

Hi Folk, rather late for me & feeling rather stunned. I was about to message this morning when my Neighbour's Sister knocked on my door to tell me my Neighbour, Melvyn, who I had been helping to keep an eye on, had passed away during the night. Although he hasn't been well for awhile, it's still rather a shock, especially as he was just over a year older than me.. ... I've just passed the 70 mark. May Melvyn now R.I.P., knowing he is free of pain & discomfort. My thoughts & prayers are with His Family.

Helen 11:07

Hello, all. Camera down. Maybe it doesn't like the heat, either.

Cindy 08:44


Milly 07:18

Morning all

Milly 02:38

Still can't sleep, its too warm .and cams stuck at 20,31.

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