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Shoutouts Archive (8th September 2021)

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8th September 2021

Helen 21:07

That's OK, Ric, I bet the salt blocks are still there.

Ric 20:18

Whoops! I'm off a decade. I left NJ in 2004 not 2014

Helen 20:12

I can well believe it, "B" and probably some people still do in various places in Canada, too.

"B" 19:39

They put "salt liks" blocks, for cattle

"B" 19:29

When I lived in Wales , during ww2

Ric 18:18

They did when I lived there, which was last in 2014.

Helen 17:09

Do they permit or legislate a deer cull?

Ric 15:37

"Deer overpopulation is real in NJ. ... We confirmed 2,558 deer or 104 deer per square mile. The survey found that deer densities per square mile are on the average of 7-10 times greater than safe and sustainable numbers."

Ric 15:35

Yeah, folks did that in New Jersey as well. Well some did, because NJ is overrun with deer!

Helen 12:08

Ric, we put out salt licks here for wild deer in the winter. Very common to see them in rural areas. (Well, not so much in mid-town Toronto)

Helen 12:07

Good morning, again - I get two tries today because I was up chasing thunderstorms for half the night. All seems peaceful now.

Ric 10:58

"licks," which were large blocks of salt, and something else, because they were red.

Ric 10:57

They sure like to lick the camera! Reminds me of when I was a young boy living in the outback of Australia. I used to spend time with friends on a sheep station. We would take out what they called

Ric 10:42

Morning to all.

Neil 10:07

Good morning All, with the Sun showing itself in the distance, I hope you managed some sleep amidst your ongoing thunderstorm Helen, Enjoy your day ahead Everyone...

Cindy 08:40


Milly 08:37

We are forecast some too,Helen,tonight and tomorrow.

Helen 07:57

We're in the middle of a huge thunderstorm here. Been going on since about 20.00 on Tuesday evening.

Helen 06:27

Good morning, Milly and all. It looks warm and hazy there. Some mist on the hill.

Milly 06:26

Morning all.

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