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Shoutouts Archive (7th September 2021)

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7th September 2021

Helen 21:44

The camera took a bit of a bashing sometime after 20.15, as the horizon and the sunset shifted. Interesting to scroll back!

Helen 20:07

Sounds like a warm evening for you all, but enjoy what you can.

Neil 19:25

I think I just hit the wrong key & lost what i just wrote: I don't know what our temp was earlier but Far too hot for me, I've jsut looked at the outdoor thermo & it's down to a more bearable 25'C. 1 more day I believe before cooling thunderstorms!

Helen 19:19

Oh, what a beautiful sky.

Helen 18:26

Oh, "B", I hear you! It's 23 here in Toronto, just beautiful.

"B" 17:01

Too hot for me!!

Milly 16:50

Beautiful day, here 30 celsius

Helen 12:42

Thanks, Dan. It looks like a beautiful day to moving sheep around. Hi, everyone.

Neil 11:23

I think there maybe some kind of Ovine protest in action: Lots of Sheep congregating by the cam & bleating, & some now licking the cam: They must know something's going on! --If only they realised what!

Ric 10:37

Morning all!

Dan 10:36

7 are off to Leicestershire, 6 ewes and a tup lamb

Neil 10:07

Good Morning on this warm sunny day, enjoy as some sheep appear to be doing resting in the shade....

Cindy 08:40


Milly 06:52

Morning all.

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