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Shoutouts Archive (6th September 2021)

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6th September 2021

Helen 23:14

Hi, Dan, how many are you sending off to Leicestershire? Good luck to them.

Neil 17:45

Keeping you busy! Many thanks Dan for the updates!

Dan 17:21

We have a new starter flock of Boreray heading for Leicestershire on Thursday

Dan 17:09

I gave it a clean yesterday and there are 78 sheep in this field now! Plenty to see.

Helen 16:52

What a gorgeous picture just now of that pasture filled with grazing sheep in the late afternoon. A green and pleasant land, for sure.

Helen 16:51

Pictures back - I think it was a Youtube problem, or silly internet.

Helen 13:45

thanks, Neil. Suddenly I have no picture here.

Neil 12:32

Have a Good Day & Enjoy, Helen.

Helen 12:30

It's just a bit late for me to say good morning - so have a great day. Holiday here.

Ric 10:20

Morning all!

Neil 10:08

Good Morning All, overcast at the mo, but with a forecast for warmer weather over the next few days, Sheep appear to be happy sitting & thinking ...about what, I wonder! Enjoy your day....

Cindy 08:46


Milly 06:46

Morning all.

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