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Shoutouts Archive (16th August 2021)

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16th August 2021

Helen 22:23

And a young sheep is getting into the conversation.

Helen 22:17

There is another owl answering.

Helen 22:16

I heard him, starting around 21.09.30. Lovely. Thanks, Neil.

Neil 21:12

Tawny Owl calling around 2110...

Ric 20:38

Lots of sheep now!

Helen 12:01

How lush and green that all is.

Neil 11:05

Good Morning All....I've just been greeted by a bleat from a sheep who has just come to view the webcam, & now gone again! Oh! what a surprise! Enjoy your day...

Ric 10:40

Morning, Helen and all!

Helen 10:36

Good morning, everyone.

Debbie 08:32

Good morning

Cindy 08:31


Milly 07:03

Morning all.

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