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Shoutouts Archive (1st August 2021)

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1st August 2021

Helen 21:40

Although some might appreciate 20:52:52, instead of the one at 21:40

Helen 21:40

Oh, that sky!!!

Helen 19:57


Helen 19:19

Are they on the move again? How all of them emerge from (or into) that hole in the wall in such numbers amazes me. They seem to burst on scene like school children let out for recess.

"B" 19:14

Every body`s joined in the parade - including he ones who are squabbling about who`s first...

talia 18:30

hi lamb fam

Helen 17:44

That view is so green. Beautiful.

Ric 14:24

I guess, not morning!

Ric 14:23

Morning all!

Helen 12:54

So bored that one is having a go at the pole and the camera.

Helen 12:53

But the sheep lying here look very contented, or maybe they are just bored?

Helen 12:53

Well, to be honest, Neil, I don't like it hot, but I do like sunshine. And the beginning of August always tells me that the seasons are on the wane and it can only get darker and colder from here on.

Neil 11:49

Good Morning Helen, We had Summer about 10 +/-days ago, My body prefers it to be much cooler as it is now, Sorry Helen & Folk!

Helen 11:47

White rabbits! What happened to the first half of summer? It's cool and damp here. Perhaps August will be more like the summers I remember. And the sheep are lying down in front of the camera. Have a great day, everyone.

Neil 11:47

White rabbits & Happy Yorkshire Day Everyone...Enjoy Your Day...

Cindy 08:32


Dan 07:16

White rabbits everyone

Milly 06:16

Morning all

Milly 06:15


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