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Shoutouts Archive (31st July 2021)

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31st July 2021

Helen 15:06

A mob of sheep, not a flock but a racing crowd. Sheep Olympics?

Helen 15:06

Sorry, that is supposed to be 'grass'. Vision not improving, typing deteriorating.

Helen 15:05

That is lovely rich glass. Might be nearly time for another mow? Oh, more sheep, two at a time.

Helen 11:52

Good morning all. Holiday weekend here and it's lovely and quiet right now. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and here comes a sheep. Will there be more????.

Ric 10:55


Neil 10:06

Good Morning All, Overcast & breezy, Enjoy your last day of July....

Cindy 08:29


Milly 06:21

Morning all.

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