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Shoutouts Archive (27th July 2021)

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27th July 2021

Helen 23:28

"B", I wish I could send you some of our rain. We are getting more than our share. Some kind of 'blocking pattern', say the weather folks. You get the heat and dry conditions, and we get the moisture. (We do get the smoke from NW Ontario, too.)

Milly 23:13

Cam stuck 18,16

"B" 22:28

A stedy rain would be welcome here on the praries, as there is a drought.

Helen 21:25

Pouring rain here, too.

Helen 16:38

Sheep on the move from one raindrop to another.

Helen 15:51

Rain, it seems. Here, too. At least it will dampen the smoke that is in our air.

Ric 10:48

Morning all

Neil 10:07

Good Morning Folk, Yes, signal ok at the mo thanks, perhaps it was connected with the current atmospheric situation, especially with thunderstorms threatening later in the day, ..Enjoy your day if you can...

Cindy 08:42


Debbie 08:36

Good morning

Milly 08:20

Storm's forecast today here.

Milly 06:31

Morning all.

Milly 06:31

My wifi went off for a while,not sure why.

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