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Shoutouts Archive (22nd July 2021)

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22nd July 2021

Helen 23:20

It looks as thought something did, but since it's dark, I can't tell.

Milly 23:08

Sounds like ,something bashed the cam.

Helen 22:11

Oh, dear. The sky looks interesting but a bit scary.

Milly 22:01

Burnley had bad storm's and torrential rain, about 20 mins away.

Helen 21:58

Well, no storms, apparently. Or not there.

Helen 16:14

From the look of the sky, I would say that storms might build up again in the late afternoon.

Helen 13:06


Helen 13:06

Hello, all, right now the colours on the came are just beautiful, but I'm sue it's very hot. Hope for good news for Ric.

Neil 11:59

That's bleatingly Good News, Thanks Dan!

Dan 11:51

We're back online

Neil 11:16

Good Luck Ric for this afternoon!

Ric 11:14

Good morning. Thanks. Things seems to be settling in well. Follow up this afternoon. So hope to have good news.

Neil 10:06

Good Morning All, Welcome Back Ric, It's good to hear your op. went well. Very wise to have switched the webcam off during these precarious weather conditions. Let's hope the forecast is right in that it will cool down soon. Enjoy Your Day All...

Cindy 08:45


Debbie 08:32

Good morning

Milly 06:05

Yes,my rooter is off too,storm's about,its been soo hot.

Milly 06:02

Morning all

Helen 00:44

There, I told you it would be fine, and better than ever! Glad you are home and can see. It will only get better.

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