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Shoutouts Archive (21st July 2021)

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21st July 2021

Ric 22:57

Surgery seems to have gone well so far. What a stunning sunset!

Helen 22:19

Thanks for telling us. Thunder and lightning can fry your equipment, as you know. Beautiful mysterious sky right now.

Heather 20:27

We’ve turned the camera equipment off as it’s thundering in the vicinity!

Heather 20:27

We haven’t purchased any since last autumn. We are reducing our numbers going into winter

Helen 18:00

So that's where they are heading when we see them racing or processing across the field. Very interesting. 90 animals is many more than I expected. Have you purchased more?

Dan 15:23

The sheep can travel between the fields via a "cripple hole" (a small hole in the wall [link] which is just to the right of the camera

Dan 15:21

There are now 90 animals in the lambwatch field and adjoining field!

Ric 14:24

It's an hour drive to get back home. They said be prepared to be there 2 hours and they have me coming in an hour before the surgery time. Hopefully it will all go faster.

Helen 14:16

Probably sooner than that, Ric. My brother had one done last week and was out of the office in about 20 minutes. It will be fine, I hope.

Ric 13:54

Thanks, Helen. Appointment is 1300 Eastern. Hope to be back home with good news by 1600.

Helen 11:48

Ric, thinking of you.

Helen 11:48

Be of good cheer, folks, the cooler weather is coming. It's only 17c here this morning (early) and a stiff breeze from the north. I realise you have very hot there.

Ric 11:04

Thanks, Neil! Morning all.

Neil 10:36

Good Morning Everyone, & bleating Sheep! Good Luck Ric, if not too late for your to read this, with your eye surgery, I hope all goes well... We'll be thinking of You... Enjoy Your Day All, if you can,,,

Cindy 08:45


Debbie 08:32

Good morning

Milly 06:42

Morning all.

"B" 04:40

Ric, don`t know where in the world you are but I hope your eye surgery is sucessful.

Ric 01:20

Thanks, Helen and Milly. I have vision in only one eye, so it's a little nerve wracking, but I think I have a really good eye surgeon on the case!

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