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Shoutouts Archive (18th July 2021)

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18th July 2021

"B" 19:04

Lots of sheep...

"B" 19:04

ots of sheep = must have had their tea & are out for an evinig stroll!

Helen 16:52

And we're back in the pasture. It looks hot. It's hot here today, as well.

Neil 15:56

Hello again Lambs Ewes, We hope you realise & appreciate all the hard hot work your Master & Family went to yesterday for your Winter feed! Baaaa!

Helen 14:32

Such a grand view of the farm that is.

Helen 11:56

Such a beautiful morning.

Neil 11:00

Good Morning Everyone on this Sunny Sunday, with the Hay Harvest now is, Enjoy a day of relative rest.

Ric 10:30

Morning all.

Cindy 08:50


Gradon 08:47

WOW! Apologies for not being here for a while and Hey! I missed some activity yesterday! But a large bee just tried to settle on the screen!

Milly 07:43

Morning Helen and all. Beautiful day again, and getting hotter.

Helen 06:53

Magnificent morning view.

"B" 04:22

I lived on a small-holding in N. Wales as a child, no sheep though... gh...

"B" 04:18

That is a LOT of hay & it just goes so quickly...

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