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Shoutouts Archive (17th July 2021)

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17th July 2021

Helen 23:23

Wow is right. That is a lot of hay. Meanwhile, the camera lens - that can't be rain, so perhaps it's dust?

Ric 22:54

Wow! That's quite the haul!

Dan 21:36

All in! 380 ish bales

Helen 21:15

I've really enjoyed seeing this angle of Marlfield. (Have driven on that laneway.)

Helen 21:15

That's a beautiful evening scene - one could do a painting of that.

Neil 21:06

Well Done Dan |& Family in successfully reaping the harvest & presumably in the dry from any potential rain, & Many Thanks for sharing the view via the webcam. Good Luck Lynda with the Vegetable harvest over the coming weeks & months...

Helen 19:41

If it looks a bit strange, they have been haying all day. In the shadow now is a big veggie garden.

Helen 19:40

Hello, Liza.

Liza 18:31


Helen 18:15

It is, for sure. That looks like a Canadian high pressure system over you, very blue sky.

Milly 17:51

The sky is a beautiful colour ,today 😊

Helen 14:54

Heading into the field.

Helen 14:53

there's Heather, I think, near the garden.

Lynda 14:43

thanks Neil

Neil 13:56

Thanks Lynda on the updates, I'm sure the Sheep do appreciate the Hay in Winter, even if they don't show their appreciation as we would hope, & they don't realise what human effort is being put in to help them. I don't envy you in these hot & sticky conditions. Good Luck!

Lynda 13:51

the sheep will be grateful when there is no grass to be had in the depth of winter

Lynda 13:50

all manual work to get it into the barn from now on but a wonderful insurance for any vicious weather that this winter may throw at us

Lynda 13:49

the hay baling machine has just arrived so you should be able to see him going round, pushing out the bales from the back of the machine and then the heavy lifting will start...... hot and sticky work

Neil 13:37

The fruit & veg garden certainly looks good showing the results of the tlc it is being given...Well Done

Lynda 11:57

providing us with lots of fresh fruit and veg

Lynda 11:56

Hi Helen and all ... Dan has put the camera on the side of the barn.. Yes , vegetable garden looking good after lots of tlc over the months :

Helen 11:54

This view must be from upstairs in the house.

Helen 11:54

That is a great looking garden.

Helen 11:53

I'm still real this morning, and awake early.

Lynda 11:11

most activity will probably start about 2ish

Dan 11:08

I think the sun is going to be on top form today Neil!

Neil 11:02

Good Morning All, I hope the Sun behaves for you whilst you're haymaking ... Good Luck ...

Ric 10:57

Thanks, Dan. Looking good!

Dan 10:56

Today we are making hay! Back online

Ric 10:40

Morning all. Seems the live feed is out at the moment.

Cindy 08:45


Milly 05:40

Morning all.

"B" 05:12

We are real but in different countries, we come together on Lambwatch.

Helen 01:45

I'm real, or I was, the last time I looked.

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