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Shoutouts Archive (11th July 2021)

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11th July 2021

Helen 23:05

Yes, "B". I've been doing some reading into the period, and there are just a few archeological clues to the Wirral, but nothing really definitive, yet.

Helen 23:04

Sorry about the game, guys. But so well played. Great playing.

"B" 21:27

They think it might have been on The Wirral as there s ia a place called there called Brombrough.

Helen 17:55

Milly, it was the battle of Brunanburh was fought in 937, but historians and archeologists aren't exactly sure where it was. Possibly in Wirral.

Helen 16:40

No that was the one with Harold. This was an earlier one, north, I think of Chester, but they are still trying to identify the exact spot. Those Viking just kept coming, didn't they?

Milly 13:00

I thi k it was Stamford bridge Helen.

Neil 12:30

Hi Cindy, many thanks, I've just sent you a message to test, as well,

Cindy 12:07

Neil - on the LW Homepage look at top righthand side and click where it says Account - this should show "Messages" - click on Messages and then chose who you want to write to - good luck.

Neil 12:07

Many thanks Dan

Milly 12:00

It sounds like it choking

Milly 11:57

Thank you Dan 😊

Neil 11:00

Good Morning Everyone, I hope you're enjoying a good Sunday, & Yes, Hi "B", It would be nice to be in e/mail contact with each other, but I've just been looking to see how I can send you a PM with my e/mail address but without success, Can You or someone pls remind me, many thanks,

Cindy 08:49


Helen 07:25

Might just be temporary.

Milly 06:27

Morning all.

Milly 06:27

Oh dear cams off again.

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