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Shoutouts Archive (10th July 2021)

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10th July 2021

Helen 23:05

This is off topic, but I have been reading the Last Kingdom series, and the whole area of Wirral figures largely in several of the books. Where was that last battle against the VIkings fought? A controversial question.

"B" 22:39

Neil , if you want to we could converse via email. I think Wirral is still in Cheshire...

"B" 22:35

I came temporally a long time ago - but still think of UK as home.

Neil 19:21

Hi, I thought they might be, I haven't been to The Wirral but know where it is, The County has probably changed now but it was in Cheshire. When did you move to Canada?

"B" 19:11

Thank you Neil, the other Stamfords I see are in the USA. I am from The Wirral.

Neil 19:04

Hi, Stamford right at the bottom south-west corner of Lincolnshire, in England, so close to the border that it is almost in Rutland, Cambridgeshire, & Northamptonshire.. As far as I know, I think there is only 1 other Stamford in England, -- a very small hamlet, not even a village in Northumberland, on the way to the border of Scotland. I hope that helps.

"B" 18:50

Hi Neil, which Stamford are you? I see several on a map.

Neil 18:15

Thanks "B", Wishing You the Best of Luck, Thinking of You.

"B" 17:45

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I keep the windows closed/covered -which is OK in the short haul...

Neil 17:14

Hi "B", can you pls remind me in which part of the World you are..I hope you stay safe & can keep reasonably cool.

"B" 17:11

Hello, getting hotter in this part of the world, averageing 30c & mid 30`s forcast. too hot for me...

Neil 15:02

Hello Helen, I heard a gathering of Folk were sent inside earlier this morning by a heavy shower. We in Stamford are just seeing a spell of sunshine but i think Sun & Showers are f/c for All here this weekend. I hope you were able to escape the extreme heat recently.

Helen 13:51

Hello all. It looks a bit dark there. Rain coming?

Neil 10:39

Good Morning All, Wishing You All an enjoyable Saturday & Weekend...

Cindy 08:37


Milly 07:12

Morning all.

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