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Shoutouts Archive (1st July 2021)

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1st July 2021

Helen 19:05

See!! I do remember reading it! They were twins.

"B" 18:56

Which first encountered as a child. [link]

"B" 18:53

Helen; re. the phrase, i belive it was coined in Reverend Charles Kingsley’s 1862 novel The Water Babies;about a boy chiminey sweep. they used to send a boy up the inside of the chimney to sweep it,,, clean.

"B" 18:45

Hello All, hot & getting hotter here...

Helen 16:17

Hello all. I see the sheep on the move. Lovely day here, but not so in the west.

Milly 13:25

White rabbits everyone,

Neil 10:08

Phew! that was a thought...full...Happy 1st July Everyone...

Neil 10:07

"White Rabbits", Happy Canada Day to Helen, "B" & Everyone Else concerned, & Happy First Day of the Second half of 2021 to Everyone, with the Sun shining & 1 sheep sitting enjoying it's warmth, Dan, probably working on his tractor, Enjoy your Day Everyone...

Cindy 08:43


Debbie 08:38

Good morning

Milly 06:27

Morning all.

Helen 06:07

Good morning to all.

Helen 06:07

"And be done by as you should!" Weren't those two brothers?

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