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Shoutouts Archive (10th June 2021)

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10th June 2021

Helen 22:27

The sheep have adjusted the camera again and the clouds are all going downhill. Or maybe it's the effect of the eclipse? No, even the sycamore is leaning.

Neil 16:04

I'll try & remember myself, Helen! Meanwhile, on r/w out the corner of my eye on a laptop to my side I suddenly saw an image appear at approx 0528, loked & saw a black & white headed lamb by the cam for a minute or 2! Oh! what a lovely surprise!

Helen 14:24

Thanks, Neil, and remind me in November of the lunar eclipse!

Neil 13:38

Hi Helen, yes, I 've been watching the partial Solar Eclipse, on the Shetland webcams, which of course for us has been at a more civilised time. There are quite a few screen shot captures if you or anyone else is interested in logging into www.shetlandwebcams.com Apparently Shetland was the best location to see the eclipse in the U.K. A not for your diary ..a partial eclipse of the Moon is due on 19th November.

Helen 12:56

All this at 5.40. I don't move quickly in the morning.

Helen 12:56

We had an eclipse this morning. It happened between the time I woke up (bright and sunny) and the time I finally got up to see why it was darker outside than I thought it should be at that hour. I mostly missed it all!

Gradon 12:43

Good Day, no sheep, but a silver Landrover with a trailer! Coming from the fallen tree! Probably collecting firewood!

Helen 11:03

Good morning, all. Cooler here today, finally.

Ric 10:45

Good morning!

Susan 10:16

Morning All

Neil 09:58

Good Morning Folk & 3 times to Milly ... lol! Enjoy another Sunny Day...

Cindy 08:39


Debbie 08:34

Good morning

Milly 07:26

Wow,3 times,lol.

Milly 07:25

Morning all.

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