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Shoutouts Archive (8th June 2021)

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8th June 2021

Helen 21:33

We are expecting a big, noisy storm. I hope it brings more rain.

Helen 16:16

If I didn't love Lambwatch before, I do now. So happy to see the hawthorne. I used to try to come to England when it was in bloom, and then a train trip through England would allow me to see it in all its glory. So happy to see it here.

Neil 14:27

Hi Dan, Yes, as you say the hawthorne does really stand out well, & I think I noticed it, particularly, as we had a long hedgerow of it in our Paddock, now of awhile ago. I also notice that the now sot so small lambs are quickly growing as big as their Mum's -- you must be feeding & looking after them well! many thansk again for the webcam allowing us to enjoy them & your Field of lovely trees.

Dan 14:08

That hawthorn really does stand out doesn't it. It is really covered in blossom.

Susan 11:13

Morning All

Neil 11:00

Good Morning Folk, with Sun shining the Sheep grazing & the birds singing...Enjoy your day...

Ric 10:51


Cindy 08:47


Helen 08:39

Good morning, all.

Debbie 08:31

Good morning

Milly 07:16

Morning all.

Helen 02:17

Either it's my screen or it's quite misty there. I can hardly see the lights of the village.

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