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Shoutouts Archive (6th June 2021)

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6th June 2021

Helen 22:56

Always great skies here in the evening.

Helen 22:56

Hello talia.

talia 21:08

hello lamb fam

talia 21:08

god thats a gorgeous sunset

Neil 18:13

& of course the Lovely Friends on the Live Chat...Thanks Everyone...

Helen 18:05

I love everything about the white thorn. And I echo Neil's comment about being able to watch Lambwatch all year round. It's very good for my soul or my psyche or whatever.

Milly 16:57

I love the sweet smell ,of Hawthorn.

Neil 14:57

Ji Helen, Yes, I think I forogt to hit send "Send" ..My brain could not have been properly engaged! Yes, Lovely memories, As well as seeing all Dan's Sheep & Lambs & hearing the birds, I think this is why I prefer Marlfield to any other lambing site I've tried in the past, * like to see The Seasons all year around. Many Thanks again Dan.

Helen 14:53

Lovely memory, Neil. And sometimes my messages don't post either. I think it's because I forget to hit "Send".

Ric 14:39

Hi everyone

Neil 12:23

Hello All, I thought I had said Hello earlier, but either the webcam site or me didn't work as it should. more likely the latter! Dan's Field always reminds me of our Family Paddock we used to own, where there were White hawthorn bushes all along the right-hand side, so I still vividly recall seeing a "White wall" of blossom each year...Happy memories..& where, nearby, about half a Century ago we also fostered some Cade Lambs for a few years! Enjoy Your Day Everyone...

Helen 12:03

I love white hawthorn, Milly. I used to try to time my visits for this time of year, just to see it.

Helen 12:02

Good morning everyone. Very hot here already. Have a wonderful day.

Cindy 08:39


Milly 07:01

Morning all.

Milly 07:01

Yes ,white Hawthorn is out ,everywhere just now.

"B" 05:23

Wild hawthorn in UK is white, I think the red/pink is from cultivation. leaves are present when hawthorn flowers

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