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Shoutouts Archive (2nd June 2021)

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2nd June 2021

Helen 21:17

Warm, that should be, not war. I've pulled a tendon in one of my fingers and funny things happen to all the letters in words.

Helen 21:16

Well done. I hope it stays war now, so that the sheep aren't feeling their lack of clothing.

"B" 20:27

Well done youse - a long, hard days work...

Milly 20:08

Well done.

Neil 19:31

Well Done Dan 7 Family..I bet that was shear hard work especially in this heat

Dan 19:02

Shearing complete! 70 adult sheep all clipped and their fleeces ready for preparation

Helen 15:22

Hello, everyone.

Susan 12:47

Afternoon All

Neil 11:08

Oh how lovely to hear the Birds singing & the lambs calling upon logging into Lambwatch, Good Morning Everyone, Hopefully you're enjoying this lovely Sunny day, too...

Ric 11:01

Goo morning!

Cindy 08:54


Helen 08:50

What a lovely day!

Helen 08:50

Good morning!

Debbie 08:34

Good morning

Milly 07:06

Lovely day again 😊.

Milly 07:05

Morning all.

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