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Shoutouts Archive (1st June 2021)

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1st June 2021

Helen 22:20

Pretty sky at 22:20

Helen 20:52

Hi, Talia

Helen 20:52

Well, that certainly is a lamb calling. And there were ears at the cam.

talia 20:41

long time no sheep

talia 20:40

missed you all

talia 20:40

beautiful sunset, lamb fam!

Helen 20:31

I think I'm hearing the crows. A murder of crows?

Helen 20:28

"I want my Mom!" Or is that noise some young crows. It's hard to tell through my little laptop. Meanwhile, the sky is brilliant.

Helen 18:24

I can hear the voices saying "You're not my mama!"

Helen 18:23

Thanks for the update, Lynda. I'm sure they will figure it out.

Lynda 13:28

Hello everyone... we are clipping a lot of the sheep in the lambwatch field today. The lambs will be doing a lot of bleating as their mums look and smell different so they need to get mothered up again ... hence the contact bleating

Susan 12:24

Afternoon All

Ric 11:53

Morning all.

Helen 11:52

White rabbits everyone and good morning. Happy June.

Neil 09:10

White Rabbit Milly, & Good Morning To You & Everyone & Every Ovine, on another Sunny Morning...Enjoy your day Alll... I hear the Ovine's are bleating well already, even if not in sight...

Debbie 08:41

Good morning

Cindy 08:34


Milly 05:55

White rabbits everyone.

Milly 05:54

Morning Helen and all

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