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Shoutouts Archive (30th May 2021)

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30th May 2021

Neil 21:23

That's good, I'm glad i haven't upset you, Yes, it is a lovely Sunset, I've just captured a view but will have to leave it now for an earlier night. Best Wishes.

Helen 21:18

Pretty pastel sky now.

Helen 21:11

No, you didn't upset me, Neil, don't worry. I just don't like them. The lambs are pretty big now and probably safe. Meanwhile, there is the most gorgeous setting sun on the horizon.

Neil 20:06

I am Very Sorry if I have upset you, Helen & Anyone else, Yes, I do agree their predatory & communal nature is very upsetting, but must admit i didn't think about that when mentioning them, I was just enjoying their noisy conversations. I do hope they don't cause any harm to Dan or any other neighbouring flock.

Helen 19:52

I dislike crows intensely. I know they are very intelligent birds, but they attack the lambs and blind them, and they make such a racket compared to all the song birds. They are quite predatory, like jays and ravens and others of that ilk. So they are probably my least favorite of the bird kingdom. Sorry, Neil. They are very communal, which is how they survive and cope so well.

Neil 15:52

I have been really enjoying the continuous Crow Chorus for over an hour from about 0430, I wonder what the wader is that was also joining in between 0430 & 0500, approx?

Helen 15:25

What a gorgeous day for you all, there. Hope it stays that way

Ric 11:29

Morning all

Susan 10:51

Morning all now I have just moved.

Neil 10:47

Good Morning Everyone on this Sunny Sunday.. Enjoy your day...

Milly 09:07

Hi Helen same weather all week ,they say

Cindy 08:26


Helen 08:02

Oh, what lovely sunshine. I hope this means a nice day for you there. And here's a pretty sheep to say hello.

Milly 06:35

Morning all.

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