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Shoutouts Archive (28th May 2021)

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28th May 2021

Milly 22:49

Thanks Helen, I'm sure the lamb's will like it too .

Helen 21:18

Well, it isn't lasting here - just annoying us. Back to +16 tomorrow. I hope you finally get some of the warmth we've been having. You deserve it after the long, wet spring.

Gradon 18:57

It has been known for it to snow here in the UK in early June, Helen, but holding my hand on my head! Touch wood! The weather is supposed to settle down this next week, building up for a heatwave!

Helen 15:27

Well, I don't want to scare anyone, but it is snowing just north and east of Toronto. It's only a one-day wonder.

Helen 13:01

The rain has made that grass a brilliant green. We hope today's rain will do the same for us.

Helen 12:59

Good morning (here, anyway!). Very cold and wet. So much for summer weather - that's gone, but I hope it has made it in your direction. Have a great rest of the day.

Neil 10:38

Good Morning All, looking overcast but dry, with sheep happily grazing in the distance, Sorry I just missed you y'day Ric, I hope you've had a good night's rest, Helen by the time you return here. Enjoy your Day, & Night, All...

Ric 10:17

Morning all!

Cindy 08:37


Debbie 08:36

Good morning

Milly 06:32

Morning all

Helen 04:26

There it is dawn, and I've haven't made it to bed yet. I love this time of year and your long sunrises and sunsets, short nights for you but good for overseas watchers.

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