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Shoutouts Archive (23rd May 2021)

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23rd May 2021

Helen 23:07

Yes, I see some lights, too. Thanks, Dan.

Milly 23:02

Thanks Dan .

Milly 23:01

The cam is on ,i can just see some lights,and hea vy rain .

Helen 20:42

No, the camera is off, "B". I think there may be sound but no images.

"B" 20:12

This site is mixed-up; live & not available...

Milly 19:58

It will be very welcome.

Helen 17:46

Heat wave is on its way to New York today and I'm sure it is heading farther east. You should get it soon on your side of the Pond.

Helen 16:57

I'm sure they do - they don't have wooly jumpers yet, just little thin baby coats.

Milly 16:55

Oh ,boy,so do i ,and I'm sure the lamb's want it warmer too.

Helen 13:32

Happy Whit Sunday. Enjoy the day. I hope it warms up for you.

Ric 10:53

The stream is off at the moment.

Ric 10:30

Morning! So quiet out there.

Neil 10:27

Good Morning All... Enjoy Whit Sunday, whatever the weather...

Milly 08:57

Whit Sunday here ,and cold,No little white dresses today !

Milly 08:55


Cindy 08:43


Milly 08:33

Morning Helen and all.

Helen 02:48

So I guess I'll go back to watching baby red-tailed hawks fighting over the scraps of food that Ma and Pa bring home for dinner. Pretty cute nestlings. [link]

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