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Shoutouts Archive (13th May 2021)

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13th May 2021

Helen 16:47

Oh, they are - great! Nice to see them, even though I think it's raining there.

Ric 16:16

Sheep are back!

Helen 16:07

have all the sheep been moved form this field, or just the Soays?

Helen 12:42

Hello, all. We are actually hoping for a little bit of warmth in our temperatures today. Wouldn't that be a surprise?

Ric 10:52


Neil 10:01

Good Morning Folk, Oh! doesn't the Field look bare!.. but at least it will give the grass a chance to grow & other aspects of Nature to manifest...Enjoy Your Day...

Debbie 09:07

Good morning

Gradon 09:02

Good morning, Bon Voyage to the Soays, Happy travelling, I do hope that is not too saucy!

Cindy 08:52

Hello - I hope some new sheep arrive to fill the fields

Helen 07:09

Sorry to see so many go. they will be missed.

Milly 06:25

Morning all . they are lovely sheep.

"B" 04:39

Counted at least 8 sheep in the barn , I guess it`s getting light at 4.4o & they think it`s time to get up...

Helen 01:19

Have you told them?

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