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Shoutouts Archive (11th May 2021)

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11th May 2021

Ric 22:32

I think that was a drop of water

Helen 21:53

Interesting reflection on the lens at 21.05

Helen 19:18

They've shed on their own?

Helen 19:17

Nekkid???? I will watch for them. It's too cold over here for them to be running around without their coats,

Dan 18:53

One or two naked sheep starting to appear. Can you spot them?

Neil 18:49

Yes, I can imagine, very deceptive at times!

Helen 18:39

The emergency sirens are across the valley a long the top of that hill. You can see the lights at night. But the wind can really distort sounds. We used to hear sheep when there were none on this farm, and we used to hear, many years ago, sheep dogs barking. It all depends on how well the air is carrying sound.

Neil 17:48

Yes, thanks, Helen, I guessed it might be the wind blowing the cattle soundsfrom next door, but they were so loud they were convincing. I guess it might also be the wind making the Emergency sirens more prominent, wherever they are.

Helen 17:21

You can hear them, depending on the direction of the wind. Howard used to have cattle at Marlfield, so maybe their spirits are still around. I really thing it's a neighbouring farm, though

Neil 15:09

That's the first time I've heard Cattle here...very mooo...ving!

Ric 10:18

Morning all.

Neil 10:07

Good Morning Folk with the Sun shining, once again, Enjoy Your Day...

Cindy 08:46


Debbie 08:31

Good morning

Milly 07:54

So the forecasters say.

Milly 07:52

Yes it is Helen .by friday there will be frost.

Helen 06:58

Sunshine. Is it cold?

Milly 05:28

Morning all

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