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Shoutouts Archive (9th May 2021)

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9th May 2021

Helen 20:19

Bright sun un the west after a dark day.

Helen 14:20

Hello all. Hope you are enjoying your day.

Neil 11:11

Good Morning All, I see a Ewe at the far end of the Field, I hope you're continuing to feel better Ric, Enjoy your Day All.....

Ric 11:07

Morning all. Not sure how it typed backwards!

Ric 11:07

!lla gninroM

Cindy 08:49


Helen 06:53

It looks wet. I see a lamb over to the right.

Milly 06:41

The weather's gone warm ,here,but wet.

Milly 06:38

The clocks ok now.

Milly 06:34

Morning Helen and all.

Helen 05:14

I think the clock is wrong. It's only 12.13 here, which would make it 5.13 there.

Helen 05:13

Well, I'm still up and the sheep are beginning to roam. It must be dearly dawn there. A procession just went across the field.

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