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Shoutouts Archive (1st May 2021)

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1st May 2021

Helen 21:55

I went back, "B" - beautiful.

Helen 21:54

Even now, in black and white, it's beautiful with the last light in the west.

Neil 20:53

I agree with you "B", & lovely listening to the Ewes, Lambs & birds, too...

"B" 20:33

pretty sky at sunset...

Helen 14:53

Well, I'm hoping this is a one-off, Ric. But lots of raining incoming this week, although we do need it.

Ric 13:51

Sorry to hear about the cold, Helen. Yesterday, here in north central Florida, it was 90 F. Today a little cooler.

Helen 12:07

Happy Saturday, all. Very cold here. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of may, and all that.

Ric 10:56

Morning all.

Neil 10:32

Good Morning Folk & Wishing You All a Happy May Day....

Cindy 08:31


Milly 07:32

Morning Helen and all, White rabbits everyone. 🐇🐇

Milly 07:29

The weather upside down !

Helen 01:40

Ha ha, Milly, we're getting snow 'flurries' tonight.

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