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Shoutouts Archive (27th April 2021)

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27th April 2021

Helen 18:08

Good - I just saw the drop on the lens. We need some too. Everything is too dry.e

Dan 17:56

Yes! Very welcome rain 🙂

Helen 15:59


Helen 14:53

"came" under attack.

Helen 14:25

And at 5.01 the camera same under attack (or maybe just a little readjustment.) And the song thrush is certainly in full mimic mode. A peaceful scene. Thanks Gradon. I got 'the eye' from a sheep.

Gradon 13:11

Good afternoon all, the field may look empty now, but if you scroll back to 5.00am as dawn is breaking, the birds are in full song, and even the Tawny Owl is still calling, the whole Marlfield Woollen family are resting in front of the cam!

Ric 11:25

Good morning!

Helen 11:24

Good morning, all. A bit dreary here. Have a lovely day, everyone.

Neil 10:23

Good Morning All, A Field empty of sheep at the mo, It must be something in the Sunlight, Helen, for them to go batty pre-Sunset! Enjoy Your day All, Sheep & Lambs too..

Cindy 08:58


Debbie 08:34

Good morning

Milly 06:51

Some rain today ! The good weather has broken.

Milly 06:50

Morning all.

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