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Shoutouts Archive (26th April 2021)

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26th April 2021

Helen 21:19

For reasons that I don't understand, sheep always go a little batty just before sunset. They must have started early this evening.

Neil 19:09

1849: It looks as the pursuit was still ongoing towards the fore of the field & then out of sight to the right; & then around 1852 one returns alone;

Neil 18:52

whoops should have bee 184400...

Neil 18:52

84400onwardsJust witnessed a Head 2 head fight...2 butts mid-field, then 1 chased the other towards back of field so out of sight of cam.. not sure how long pursuit lasted!

Helen 16:30

Lovely photos on the Lambwatch FB page. Really beautiful family shots!

Gradon 12:48

Lovely photos, Thankyou Dan, not counting Daisy’s two lambs, I could not help but notice, the dominance of male lambs, with 15 to 6! Something in the water maybe!

Dan 12:30

Lamb photos on our Facebook page! [link]

Neil 12:15

Good A'noon All, I've just been enjoying a parade of Lovely ewes & lambs, some suckling en route into their outdoor field quarters...Hoping they all stay fit & healthy... Enjoy Your Day...

Helen 11:58

Good morning. Looks like a lovely day there.

Ric 11:21

Morning all.

Gradon 09:30

Good Morning to a fresh looking morning, the Chaffinch calling, the trees on the right, looking very much greener, I do hope the lambs are all ok!

Debbie 09:06

Good morning

Cindy 08:46


Milly 06:49

I hope the other lamb's ok.

Milly 06:48

Morning Helen and all.

Helen 01:26

Everybody's up now. Time for a midnight snack.

Helen 01:24

I think the babies are asleep. Mother has one eye open. I don't think sheep ever sleep soundly.

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