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Shoutouts Archive (25th April 2021)

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25th April 2021

Helen 22:35

Indeed! I've lost track of how many new ones have arrived.

talia 21:31

Ah! The lamb fam has grown!

Helen 21:22

I hope she's keen on both, as one seems to be getting more attention.

Helen 21:21

Oh, my. Poor thing. A little mental lapse. I just see one lamb but - oh yes, she moved, and there's the other one. I did hear some noise in the field last night.

Dan 20:37

She's indoors because she forgot about one of her lambs for a few hours and when they were reunited, she wasn't best keen on it, but now she's remembered and she loves it again, but we are keeping them together as a precaution over night just so she doesn't lose it again!

Dan 20:36

This is Fulvia the Boreray with her two female lambs, born in the early hours this morning.

Dan 20:28

We have another lambing right now

Dan 20:27

Lambs everywhere today!

Dan 18:47

Turns out we had 8 new lambs in night and two more this afternoon! Busy old day 👀

Dan 18:11

Helen 13:43

Wow, that's wonderful. What good news from the maternity field.

Ric 12:05

Pretty, reasonably warm day there.

Ric 12:04

Hi all

Neil 11:03

Good Morning Everyone, Ewes & Lambs, You have certainly had a busy night Dan & Family, Hopefully all will stay safe & well...Well Done & Good Luck...

Milly 09:29

Thats good Dan,Thanks for letting us know .

Dan 09:12

Good morning everyone, 7 new lambs in the night from 5 ewes!

Cindy 08:41


Milly 07:13

Morning all.

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