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Shoutouts Archive (24th April 2021)

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24th April 2021

Helen 20:33

The black twins are staying close to Mom.

Helen 20:31

Well, those lambs are not all marching to the same drummer, and there's a bit of scolding going on as they start making little declarations of independence. They will be teenagers soon.e

Helen 20:17

Oh, wow - that setting sun and its rays are gorgeous.

Helen 18:47

This 27-ounce baby antelope, born last week, is almost as cute as some of those lambs we see here. Imagine 27.5 ounces! [link]

Ric 17:41

Hi all.

Helen 17:00

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here and all the blossoming trees are out (about ten days early). A beautiful day, and maybe a tad warmer than it is in Yorks/Lancs today.

Neil 10:00

Good Morning Everyone, Ewes & Lambs too..1 Ewe just posed for it's photo to be captured...Enjoy your day All,,,,,

Cindy 08:50


Milly 06:56

Two sheep and three lambs in front of the cam .

Milly 06:54

Morning Helen and all.

Helen 03:30

That's quite a spectacular moon, not full but very bright.

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