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Shoutouts Archive (22nd April 2021)

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22nd April 2021

Helen 23:52

Their running around reminds me of the Stephen Foster song, "De Camptown races...." (doo-dah!)

Neil 20:22

They certainly appear to very frisky tonight, I wonder if Dan has fed them with their month's ration of energy feed ...lol! Baaa!

Ric 20:20

Oh to be a lamb again!

Helen 19:53

19.52 a game of tag.

Helen 19:50

Or maybe a few seconds earlier.

Helen 19:50

Well, that's a great shot in the setting sun.19.49

Helen 17:02

Interesting passings in front of the camera. Those lambs are pretty nimble

Helen 14:09

Hello all - I've been doing a large laundry - one needs to start early to use the machines in an apartment block. Looks like a lovely day for you all, there.

Ric 11:42


Neil 10:39

Good Morning All, Thanks for mentioning the Moon sighting, I r/w to 0244 & also heard a sheep bleat. .perhaps having Moon-dreams! lol! Enjoy your Day, All....

Debbie 08:48

Good morning

Cindy 08:43


Milly 06:52

Morning Helen and all.

Helen 03:19

There's the moon. I saw it rising earlier. And I hear a funny sheep noise.

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