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Shoutouts Archive (19th April 2021)

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19th April 2021

Neil 16:25

Hello Cindy, Just seen your kind words, Sorry your Greetings are so late, Yes thanks, Much better now, I just hope the 2nd nearly due isn't going to have the same effect. I hope you're well.

Cindy 16:16

NEIL - thank you very much for the card which arrived safely today - hope you are feeling better after your vaccine side affects.

Neil 14:22

Just listening to some of the early morning sounds on r/w: Around 0532 there sounds to be a fracar between a tawny owl & a magpie, followed by a Greater Spotted woodpecker drumming, a blackbird & pheasant & other birds....

Helen 13:27

Probably a shot to scare off the crows. They attack the lambs.

Gradon 12:52

I was about to say! The trees to the right are at last showing a hint of green, I think!

Gradon 12:50

Good afternoon , Wow what was that, A Gun just went off! At 12. 38, it was a loud bang! No snow forecast here, Helen!

Helen 12:21

Hello, all. What a lovely day there. Sunny here, too but possibility of snow tomorrow. UGH.

Ric 11:23


Neil 11:13

A Good Sunny Morning Folk, where as i sign in it's is lovely to hear Mother Sheep bleating to their little lambs against a background of a Chaffinch singing away...Enjoy Your Day, All

Cindy 08:49


Debbie 08:39

Good morning

Milly 07:13

Morning all.

"B" 04:26

hello Talia, I`m guessing from the time that you like me are not in UK.

talia 04:16

mornin', lamb fam

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